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Welcome to NVS - the gateway to better farming.

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Why Growth Boosters?

Growth Booster is fortified to stir up excellent weight gain in poultry and large animals. It is also a suppotive therapy to restore loss of appetite in livestocks. Effectiveness in Calcium and Phosphorus deficiency in all livestocks.

Growth occurs by two main processes:

1. increase in the number of cells and
2. increase in the size of cells.
Living cells, removed from the body and placed in an appropriate culture medium, display growth in its most uncomplicated form. They grow by synthesizing new protoplasm, dividing into smaller cells, and then repeating the process over and over as long as essential nutrients are supplied and accumulation of deleterious waste products is prevented.

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Animal growth The increase in mass or dimensions of an organism with time. 
It is one of the basic characteristics of living things and represents the visible result of a complex and interrelated series
of metabolic and developmental events. One of the unique features of biological
growth is that the organism changes in size and shape, and to some extent in
chemical composition, although it still retains its integrity and its individuality.
This is true because growth fundamentally involves synthesis by the organism of more
materials like itself. Read more: http://www.answers.com/topic/animal-growth#ixzz1V3Sx2TKX
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