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Welcome to NVS - the gateway to better farming

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Why Eggs Boosters?

Understanding your own reasons for growing chickens will help you choose the right flock and get setup with the right equipment. The main reasons people grow their own chickens are:

  • to have a supply of fresh eggs,
  • for fresh meat,
  • pest and weed control,
  • and a supply of nitrogen-rich manure.

Raising Chickens

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NVS has the professional answers to raising your chickens.

You can contact the Managing Director 
 Layers can be fed egg booster and scratch. Feed comes in 3 forms: 
1. Mash,
2. crumbles and
3. Pellets.
What you plan to do with your flock will determine (to some degree)
what you will need to do to get set up. For example, if you want to let your
chickens run through your garden once in a while to gobble up insects, you
will need to set up some means for controlling their access to the garden
so they can't get in to eat tiny seedlings. If you want chickens for
eggs, you will need to include nesting boxes in your hen house design.
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