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We are suppliers of essential veterinary drugs and equipment, feeds, raw materials, day old chiks etc.

Obey the voice of veterinary doctors for maximum results.

We organise seminars and vocational training for farmers.

The Profitability of your business and welfare of your farm animals is our concern. 

  • Our team of experts are devouted and willing to advice and assist you in providing answers and solutions to the most common problems associated with poultry management such as problems in feeding, housing and disease outbreak and quality control.
  • Our experts are well trained and highly qualified and have enormous experience in dealing with day-to-day problems in poultry farming in our local and national conditions.
  • Our experts include nutritionists, animal scientists, stockmen and veterinary doctors well trained in view of international focus.
Our doors are opened to everyone - small and large farmers, feed millers and hatcheries etc.
About Us

OUR MISSION: To actually experience the thrill of adding values to live businesses by being a superior convenient provider to farmers.

We continuously up-date and inform farmers and experts on interesting events, innovations, progress, problems and challenges facing the poultry and feed industry.

Ngozi Chukwuka Veterinary Agro Services(NVS) has, for over a decade remained a foremost private enterprise and leader in the economic advancement of Nigeria. It is a leading food-focused company; NVS operations also span livestocks production, veterinary products distribution and marketing.

The company's business portfolio includes many branches all over Nigeria as a food-focused conglomerate. The company has re-aligned its food business architecture to unlock the values in the business. This has led to the creation of Veterinary pharmaceutical Unit, Livestocks Production Unit, Animal Feeds Production Unit, Veterinary Clerical Unit, and Marketing Unit.

The company's rating is supported by good cash flow and adequate working capital. NVS enduring drive, for sustainable growth, has beeen reinforced with a new drive for executional excellence.

The company is registered in Nigeria with a name - "NGOZI CHUKWUKA VETERINARY AGRO SERVICES" under the auspices of CORPORATE AFFAIRS COMMISSION on 11th of March in the year 1994 with certificate number EN000349. 

Our Customers' Testimonials >>>

We are very glad that we have made a difference in the lives of our customers and their loved ones with our products and service. Our customers' kind testimonials always touch us deeply and inspire us to continue our work.

How our customers describe our products and services :

"Excellent products!" ... "Excellent services!" "Perfect condition!"... Prompt delivery!"

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO)Dr. Sogo Ojewoye
The Managing Director (MD):  Dr. Esther Ojewoye
The Company Pharmacist:  Funso Omotola
The Personnel Manager:  Odoh Cosmas
The Marketing Manager:  Oligie Moses
The Production Manager:  Offor Samuel
The Pharmaceutical Unit Head:  Pharmacist Kenechukwu
The Feed Production Unit Head:  Uzowuru Ben
The Maintenance Manager:  Sunday Ayuba
The Chief Accountant: 

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