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We are suppliers of essential veterinary drugs and equipment, feeds, raw materials, day old chiks etc.

Obey the voice of veterinary doctors for maximum results.

We organise seminars and vocational training for farmers.

The Profitability of your business and welfare of your farm animals is our concern. 

  • Our team of experts are devouted and willing to advice and assist you in providing answers and solutions to the most common problems associated with poultry management such as problems in feeding, housing and disease outbreak and quality control.
  • Our experts are well trained and highly qualified and have enormous experience in dealing with day-to-day problems in poultry farming in our local and national conditions.
  • Our experts include nutritionists, animal scientists, stockmen and veterinary doctors well trained in view of international focus.
Our doors are opened to everyone - small and large farmers, feed millers and hatcheries etc.

For the prevention and cure of ceacal and intestinal coccidiosis in poultry and Rabbits.

Price : #200

Oral in the drinking water 1g/litre of drinking water for three (3) days discontinue treatment for 2 day and then repeat treatment. Warning! Not to be given the laying Birds
RESULT (Viru-Bacterial-Cure) - PROPERTIES:

Veterinary Solution has broad spectrum bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal activities for an effective prevention of Gumboro, New Castle, Fungi and Typhoid diseases.

Price: #200

:5mls to medicate 4L of drinking water. Use for 3 days with vitamin.
Gumboro Diseases:5mls to medicate 2L of drinking water. Use for 3-5 days with anticoccidiosis drug. NewCastle Disease:5mls to medicate 2L of drinking water. Use for 5 days with any broad spectrum antibiotic drugs.
Fungi-Typhoid Disease:5mls to medicate 2L of drinking water. Use for 5-7 days with Sulphur containing antibiotics.
For Veterinary Use Only

NEOCHLO-T (Hydrosoluble Combination of Antibiotics)- Water Soluble Powder for oral treatment of bacterial infections such as Enteritis, Salmonellosis, pasteurellosis, Fowl Cholera, Pullet diseases, Infectious coryza and disease of the respiratory tract in poultry.

Price: #200

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