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We are suppliers of essential veterinary drugs and equipment, feeds, raw materials, day old chiks etc.

Obey the voice of veterinary doctors for maximum results.

We organise seminars and vocational training for farmers.

The Profitability of your business and welfare of your farm animals is our concern. 

  • Our team of experts are devouted and willing to advice and assist you in providing answers and solutions to the most common problems associated with poultry management such as problems in feeding, housing and disease outbreak and quality control.
  • Our experts are well trained and highly qualified and have enormous experience in dealing with day-to-day problems in poultry farming in our local and national conditions.
  • Our experts include nutritionists, animal scientists, stockmen and veterinary doctors well trained in view of international focus.
Our doors are opened to everyone - small and large farmers, feed millers and hatcheries etc.

to NVS - the Gateway to Better Farming


We have the answers and solutions to most problems associated with feeding of domestic animals in the tropics and in our local conditions.


We pay special attention to feeding of domestic animals such as poultry, pigs and cattle.

We offer a wide range of products which can improve feed quality enormously and enhance the genetic potentials of your animals such as excellent feed utilization, weight gain and good health.

Our team of experts are available to give you the best advice you need in feeding your farm animals and as well as maintaining their good health.

Our experts are trained in Nigeria to meet your standardized need and have many years of practical experience with our products.

NVS is a multi-facet veterinary company involved in the distribution, supplying of livestocks, drugs, feeds and in marketing them.

The company came into existence in order to help farmers achieve optimal results in livestock production.It is for the total wellness of man since man depends on livestock product for sustenance, to encourage farmers in healthy meat or livestock production, to help farmers rare livestocks at affordable rate.

OUR VISION: To be number one in our chosen markets, providing exceptional value to our customers.

OUR MISSION: To experience the thrill of adding values to lives and businesses by being a superior convenient provider to farmers.

OUR STRATEGY: To be a food-focused business with emphasis on businesses and markets segments that offer the highest potentials. Investment will be targeted at profitable growth and creation of shareholder's value.


  • Do you need advice on how to feed your birds in order to achieve your production targets and increase your profits?
  • Have your laying hens stopped laying or you are experiencing a significant drop in egg production and you do not know why?
  • Are your birds eating their eggs?
  • Do you have problems of cannibalism in your flock?
  • Do you have problems in taking care of your newly hatched chicks?
  • Do you have problems in tackling disease outbreak or you do not know the actual measures to adopt in order to prevent the outbreak of diseases in your flock or livestock?

These are just a few of many challenging questions to farmers...

We will certainly advice you better! We are eager to answer your questions on the most teething problems in your farms.

hold forums for farmers in various disciplines, such as nutrition and animal healthcare to discuss issues and problems involved in poultry management practices.

We continuously up-date and inform farmers and experts on interesting events, innovations, progress, problems and challenges facing the poultry and feed industry.

Our products quarantee excellent performance of your animals in view of egg and meet production. It is our priority to satisfy the demands of both large and small scale farms and feed mills.

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